American Music Therapy Association, New Leaf Music Therapy, Winchester, Shenandoah, VirginiaYou’ll probably notice frequent references to AMTA on New Leaf’s website, and it’s likely to pop up a time or two in conversations with your New Leaf music therapists. So what, exactly, is AMTA?

AMTA is the abbreviation for the American Music Therapy Association, a non-profit entity that serves as the professional association for those who are trained in music therapy. The governing body of AMTA, and its thousands of members, advocate and educate on the “progressive development of the therapeutic use of music in rehabilitation, special education, and community settings.”

New Leaf’s music therapists are proud members of AMTA for the professional alliances and continuing education that the organization provides. Staying abreast of cutting-edge music therapy techniques is a priority for our practice, and we lean on the AMTA community for continuous refinement of our protocols and practices.

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